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All That Glitters; The Elegant Gift, Inspirations for Giving

By Preserve Brands | 01/10/2018 | Touch

Gift giving has always been an integral part of human culture and it is one of our oldest traditions. There is no question why it has stood the test of time. It is the most common way to show love and affection towards one another and has been for thousands of years. The tingling feeling in your stomach when you surprise someone you care about with a thoughtful gift. The excitement of waiting for their reaction. Giving a gift can help us connect and build, rebuild or strengthen relationships; it makes us feel satisfied and seeing the other person ripping off the paper (or just opening the present) is a very joyful moment we both share. At Preserve, we cherish these enlightening feelings and believe that in giving, we both ‘receive’ something very important.   The reasons we give gifts are endless and can be different in every culture and community. With handmade Preserve Brands gift boxes, wrapping paper and gift bags, everyone can make their own statement for any occasion. From weddings to baby showers, from birthdays to graduations you will find the perfect style of packaging to present your gifts. How are we different? Each one of our boxes, wraps and gift bags are made using beautiful handmade paper made by artisans using a myriad of techniques that are unique to our art form of hand paper-making.  Paper might be hand silk-screened, hand-embossed, hand glittered or hand-foiled.  Hundreds of Artisans hands press love into everything we make.  Together, we work to bring you beautiful products to behold.  Our bags and boxes are keepsakes that can be reused and re-gifted again and again.  Made from cotton tee shirt scraps  rather than trees, our papers and products are also 100% eco-friendly.  Our mission here at Preserve Brands is to simply preserve the EARTH, preserve the ART form of handmade paper, & embed LOVE into everything we do. 3 Piece Stacking Box Sets The more you give, the more you get. In these special stacking box sets you can hide more than just one gift for a bigger surprise. Pink flowers for your niece’s 4th birthday, white stars for your mother’s retirement or pearl boxes for a beach themed wedding. Find a glamorous design for your daughter’s Sweet 16 or her college graduation.

Love is the reason

Pearl embossed florals, hydrangea, accents and sparkles

A wedding by the sea, in a boutique hotel, or your own backyard

Pearl Peony Embossed, 3 Piece Gift Box Set

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star how I wonder where you are

Twinkle Star, 3 Piece Box Set

Soft Pink Handmade Paper with Silver Foil Blossoms

Narcissus Blossoms, 3 Piece Box Set

Sweet Pink, Aqua Blue, Gold and Glitter

Surprise the one you love with delicate touches of gold

Peonies in Bloom, 3 Piece Box Set

Aqua, White and Gold Florals, Soft Glittery Accents

Nightingale Blues, 3 Piece Box Set

Classic Cub (Medium Size) Gift Bags Not your ordinary gift bag! These unique paper bags are waiting for you to fill them with personalized gifts. Use them to congratulate someone, give for Bar Mitzvah or a baby shower. Is your best friend getting married? Plan a bridal shower for her with one of our inspiring designs!

Twinkle Star, Handmade Gift Bag

Heart of Gold

Peonies in Bloom, Handmade Gift Bag

A passion for Dots and the Sea and things that twinkle

Silver Coastline, Aqua and Silver Foil Dots Gift Bag

Pink Lady, Soft Pink with Gold Foil Dots, Handmade Gift Bag

A bouquet of turquoise, soft and glittery

Turquoise Garden, Handmade Gift Bag

Petite Cub (Small Size) Gift Bags Giving a small gift doesn’t mean you’re giving less. Did you find a pair of vintage earrings for Mother’s Day? Are you giving fine chocolate for a business partner? A gift card for your college? Maybe tickets for a game or play? Preserve’s small sized gift bags can be a part of the surprise and can make anything given more special.

Jester Gold, Handmade Petite Gift Bag

Abundance of joy, glitter and love

Irish Rain, Tiny Dots, Handmade Gift Bag

Precious and sweet

Ocean Star, White Glitter Starfish on Aqua Blue Gift Bag

Wrapped Box Gifts Our handmade wrapping paper dresses your gift. Send your personal message with the extraordinary designs for an anniversary or Christening, find the best fit for a bachelorette party, for your employees or for a just because gift. Because you don’t need a reason to give.  

Blue Bayou, Blue & Silver Foil Gift Wrapping Sheets

Golden Pineapple, Soft White & Gold Foil Handmade Gift Wrap Sheets

Soft Grey, Pink Silkscreen Florals, Silver Glitter

Floral Spray, Soft Grey, Pink and Silver Handmade Gift Wrap Sheets

Under the Sea, Soft White & Seafoam Coral Gift Wrap Sheets

Sea the Dots, Soft Aqua with White Petite Dots Gift Wrap Sheets

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Preserve Brands provides every option to package your heartfelt gifts. Get inspired by our stunning gift box presentations and elegant gift wrapping ideas! Sparkle up the occasion!  Sparkle up the gift! Sparkle up your love!  

By Preserve Brands

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