Story of Preserve

Nearly 20 years ago, we set out to explore opportunities to innovate eco friendly products. Our first stop was India where we partnered with small factories who produced small batch products utilizing sustainable materials. Handmade paper was our first commercial initiative. A manufacturing process that originated centuries ago helped us to understand how generations past thought about making products. The eco friendly nature of the hand made paper manufacturing process convinced us that we should pursue marketing of tree free handmade paper and the results were hundreds of thousands of trees saved over the course of the last two decades and millions of gallons of water and watts of electricity (not used) . In recent years we have begun to explore additional areas in need of impact such as apparel and textiles where there exists massive waste around the world. We partner with large and small environmentally conscientious businesses and industries who are looking to support the planet where together we can effect major change. In 2018 we launched our small website for Tree Free Paper products and Cut Scrap Apparel to demonstrate sustainably manufactured products that support the planet.

About Us

Preserve has been focused on growing the market for handmade paper goods since 2001 and has recently embarked on a new initiative into cut scrap apparel. Through strategic alliances with skilled manufacturers, investments in training, quality assurance, supply chain development and large-scale manufacturing for some of the most prominent companies in the USA, Preserve has grown into the trusted source for impeccably designed, high-quality, sustainably developed products.

Preserve environmentally safe products impress consumers with colorful, dramatic, and exciting designs. Given the rich look and feel of our designs, our products are known to instantly provoke an emotional and tactile response. But look deeper into our brand values and vision, and you’ll find an even greater purpose.

Our Vision

Preserve cares about protecting the planet and both discovering as well as creating unique eco friendly alternative solutions to large scale manufacturing industries, demonstrating that sustainable solutions can come from small teams who think differently.  By studying ancient manufacturing methods and industrial manufacturing, and understanding what consumers are drawn to aesthetically at the product level, Preserve focuses on where it can make the most environmental impact. To this end, we build test models and platforms that test commercial viability and scalability in  industries where there is need for environmental change.  Paper and apparel as well as textiles are currently areas of focus but we are quickly moving to explore many new industries where we see opportunities for change. We actively seek partners who share a vision for innovation and creative thinking and who require innovative solutions for the new economic and environmental climate we are living in.

Our Mission

It is not only what is seen, but what is felt that makes Preserve products special. Every piece of product we create is designed to match our multi-faceted mission: Sustain planet EARTH, promote the ART  form and ensure consumers fall in LOVE with everything we make. From our sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing and sourcing, to the care we put into each industry and product we make,  we hope to continue to make an impact on planet earth and see an endless array of possibilities for PRESERVE.

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