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Story of Preserve

Preserve Brands is committed to preserving the ancient art form of hand papermaking—a centuries old, eco-friendly process, resulting in beautifully crafted paper, made by artisans living and working in rural villages in India and in need of socioeconomic support. This ancient tradition is ready to be rediscovered by conscientious retailers and consumers who believe that artistry and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

About Us

With a genuine desire to protect and support the handmade paper industry, Preserve has been focused on growing the market for handmade paper goods since 2001. Through alliances with skilled manufacturers, investments in training, quality assurance, supply chain development and large-scale manufacturing for some of the biggest companies in the world, Preserve has grown into a trusted source for impeccably designed, high-quality, handmade paper products from India.

Preserve specialty handmade paper and products surprise and delight consumers with colorful, dramatic, and exciting designs. Given the rich look and feel, our papers and products are known to instantly provoke an emotional and tactile response. But look deeper into our brand values and vision, and you’ll find an even greater purpose.

Our Vision

Preserve is all about providing speciality tree-free paper products, that demonstrate the skills of artisans trained in methods and traditions passed down over the centuries and through generations. To this end, we bring work into rural villages, providing sustainable employment for tradesmen and women who have grown up in this craft, are proud of their contributions to their industry, yet have no platform to support themselves and their families with these skills.

We are building a world in which major retailers—companies built on the promise of Doing Good as they do economically Well—celebrate the beauty, the history and the innately eco-friendly nature of this work. Preserve Handmade Paper is the most sustainable paper that exists—and one by one, our retail partners have enchanted and intrigued customers with these one-of-a-kind, gorgeous offerings.

Our Mission

It is not only what is seen, but what is felt that makes Preserve products special. Every piece of product we create is designed to match our multi-faceted mission: Sustain planet EARTH, preserve the ART form of refined hand-made paper, and evoke feelings of LOVE and delight. From our sustainable, eco-friendly sourcing to the care we press literally by hand into our papers products, all combined with the platform we give our artisans to rise above rural poverty, you will feel our passion and see the endless possibilities of PRESERVE.

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