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Get your Party on with Preserve Brands ‘Party in a Bag’; and Create a Party to Remember!

By Preserve Brands | 01/15/2018 | Create

Preserve Brands “Party In A Bag” Parties! They are some of the most exciting things we plan!  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby and Bridal Showers, parties for our parents, our kids, our spouses and friends, all these life events are special celebrations that bring us together with those we love.  Our parties reflect our personalities.  They also tell our guests how much we treasure their presence in our lives.  Every detail is a fun expression of our creativity, thoughtfulness and love.  Parties are one of life’s greatest gifts and Preserve has set out to help you create a magnificent party with ease! Parties should not be challenging to organize and yet it is not uncommon for party planners to run themselves ragged trying to coordinate every last detail, sometimes at the expense of being able to enjoy the very party they are planning!  Sometimes there are just too many stops along the party trail!  The intent for Preserve’s Party in the Bag is to take some of the work out of the equation so you can pick up a few hours that you would have spent otherwise shopping for coordinated decorations. While we cannot bake the cake or cater your event, what we have done is put together a complete party kit that provides everything you need to decorate for your event except the balloons (but we are not even sure you will need them because we have something even better ~ reusable party fans!).  Party in a Bag is a 56-piece complete decorating collection for 8 guests.  If you have more than 8 guests, then simply buy as many bags as you require for double or triple the decorations and fun! Our kit includes adorable hand glittered miniature party hats, coordinated coasters, party poppers, treat bags, party horns, flag banners, fan decorations, a happy birthday sign, confetti and beautiful handmade thank you cards! All the decorations are beautifully colored, gender neutral, handmade papers covered in twinkling silver glitter.  All you need to add is your celebration cake, your food, beverages, plates and utensils and you are ready to party! No running around trying to find things, its as easy as ordering the Preserve Party in the Bag! The colors of the party kit are multi-colored and come embellished with beautiful tiny ‘silver glitter accents’ to make a sparkling impact; hot pink, tangerine, baby blue, lavender, mint green, navy blue, soft yellow and green that make a gorgeous colorful statement that is eye popping and impactful! The silver glitter accent  provides a very modern look and the handmade paper itself, provides a tactile experience second to none. The richness of handmade paper tells your guests that you spared no expense to find the very best quality goods for the special occasion.  The little gift bags they take away will be treasured and in the days to come, even your thank you note will arrive on coordinated handmade paper notecards making for a truly unforgettable experience right down to the last detail! Are you planning a graduation party, a special birthday?  Are you a party planner? Have you been looking for a package with different party decor?  Look no further! This party collection has everything you need and more! Life’s a Celebration, get your party on with Preserve Brands! Coming February 2018!  

By Preserve Brands

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