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Made from recycled tee shirt scraps discarded by the large-scale garment manufacturing industry in India, Preserve Handmade Paper is the most sustainable paper that exists to date. A 100% tree-free product, our paper is made from cotton scraps and dried in the sun naturally—creating a pleasing tactile sensation and a one-of-a-kind piece.


We start from what is discarded, turning it into a thing of beauty. Preserve creates a natural paper pulp by using locally available byproducts that often end up cast aside as waste—like leftover tee shirt scraps from the textile industry, and bagasse from the cane sugar industry.

Adding various all-natural enhancing elements, the art of pressing, flattening and drying the pulp follows. Each product is handmade by a skilled artisan, working until the creation takes the form of paper products that are high-quality, 100% treeless, biodegradable and completely recyclable. After the paper is made, we apply our signature design techniques, Signature design techniques such as silkscreen printing, embossing, marbling, stitching, foiling and more…


From tee shirts...


To pulp...


To paper...


To product


The state of the planet is everyone’s responsibility. We must forge a healthier, brighter future—for ourselves, our children and our future generations.

A majority of the products consumers buy and use every day are not environmentally sustainable. The production of paper, in particular, represents a crucial place where eco-friendly processes and solutions can reduce the damage that industrial manufacturing does on a daily basis.

Preserve provides a natural alternative for many mill-made paper products, and sets an example as a company that has done well by doing good. We believe that companies delivering eco-friendly solutions are paving a path to a better tomorrow, winning the loyalty of consumers by appealing to their sense of responsibility, not simply value and aesthetics. We know our products are beautiful to behold, but it is just as important that they are organic—both values working together graceful unison.


Preserve uses only 100% recycled and natural materials. These days, there is much talk about recycling and “sustainability,” but the difference between a product that is 5% post-consumer recycled or one that is truly tree-free is profound, yet widely misunderstood.

Preserve is educating consumers, one gorgeous, unique product at a time—proving that great design combined with natural materials can equal a healthier planet. With every order of gift bag, wrapping paper or office paper we sell, we pursue our goal for consumers to understand that even small choices can make a big difference.


Industrial paper mills are a significant global consumer of energy and water. Yet Preserve stands alone by using the least possible amount of energy in its paper production. We use run-off water from local farms to make our pulp, drying our natural paper in the beautiful open fields in India.

More than that, we create centralized manufacturing production units that consolidate sourcing and transportation and save fuel used for transport. We also deploy a highly streamlined supply chain process built on absolute efficiency, conserving resources wherever possible. From papermaking to packaging to production and beyond, we are committed to being green.

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