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To Have and to Hold; How to Keep your Wedding Memories Forever

By Preserve Brands | 01/19/2018 | Celebrate

Many years ago, when I was first introduced to handmade paper, it struck me that its intrinsic nature and value felt immediately special and would be a beautiful way to store wedding memories. It was then that I started to experiment and think about how we store memories today.  With so many beautiful and precious things to keep from a wedding, I was inspired by the potential.  I started to develop a Wedding Preservation Collection in a beautiful embossed floral handmade paper that Preserve has become known for. This paper is one of the most precious handmade papers I have ever seen and I have felt this way for almost 20 years now since I first held it in my hands. Uninspired by those horrendous cardboard boxes provided by dry cleaners world wide, who tout that your wedding dress will stay safe in their archival boxes, I never liked the fact that they felt cold and unworthy of the precious heirlooms they held inside.  This got me thinking about the how to create something special; something that you could pull out of your Attic and be transported to your special day simply by seeing the box. Over the years Preserve has created a very special Wedding Preservation Collection that is a coordinated set of heirloom preservation boxes that each have a special intent and purpose.  These memory preservation boxes are all made with beautiful handmade paper and are naturally acid-free to protect your memories for a lifetime.  The boxes store all of the treasures from your Wedding Day and can be handed down to future generations as a way to share and preserve your memories in elegant handmade keepsake boxes worthy of the memories they hold.

Preserve Wedding Gown Box

The Preserve Wedding Gown Box was created to store a wedding gown or wedding wear in a box worthy of the attire inside. With most brides and grooms spending a significant amount of money on their wedding attire, clothing should be cleaned and restored then stored in an acid free box with acid free tissue but be accessible to open throughout the years when the couple wants to remember their special day.

Preserve’s 3 Piece Heirloom Wedding Round Box Set

Preserve’s 3 Piece Round Box Set was created  to store precious keepsakes, perhaps a veil or head piece, elegant hair accessories, jewelry, lingerie, anything truly magnificent and treasured.

Preserve’s 3 Piece Heirloom Wedding Oblong Box Set

To store the grooms boutonniere, attire and wedding wear, perhaps ties he wore, his vest, cufflinks,  a timepiece or watch, anything special that was worn or has special meaning  to he and his bride can be stored in the oblong set of boxes. These boxes are versatile and can also be used to hold preserved floral bouquets as well as other mementos from the wedding day and honeymoon.

Preserve Wedding Card Memory Mailbox and Wedding Card Storage Box

This special Memory Mailbox/Keepsake Card Box was created to be used as a Wedding Card Mailbox on your wedding day then to store precious cards, letters and keepsakes by removing the mail slot after the wedding.

Simply remove the mail slot after your wedding day then tie treasured cards and letters up with beautiful ribbons.  Hold onto beautiful sentiments for a lifetime.

 Include a favorite wedding picture inside the lid to personalize your keepsake box.  Family members, especially future children will appreciate this years from now.

Preserve’s Memory Scrapbook  (box is the same floral paper)

Adhere your wedding invitation, wedding program, menu, a few pressed flowers from your Wedding Day, pictures from the rehearsal dinner or beautiful candid photographs that would not go into your formal Wedding Album. Save anything of meaning that can be pressed and mounted into your scrapbook to preserve for years to come.

Beautiful handmade sage grey papers are acid free and preservation quality.  You will want to use acid free mounting tape to ensure your memories stay archival quality.

Easy to remove handmade pages are very easy to work with.

Preserve’s Dual Photo Frame, a beautiful keepsake and a matching coordinate from the Wedding Preservation Collection. Set on your mantle or desk to remember your special day.

Holds two 4 x 6″ Photos of the newlyweds.

Lovely full size coordinating Portrait Frame made in our special handmade paper is the perfect piece for the Brides photo or the Couples Wedding portrait.  It also makes the perfect wedding gift.

Preserve Handmade Guest Book coordinates with the lovely keepsake set and has its own keepsake box to store loving signatures and wishes from your family and friends.  A sweet book of memories to enjoy forever.

Sweet Delicate Handmade Paper Favor Boxes, your guests will treasure.

Favor boxes are sold in {9} piece keepsake box sets designed especially to carry to your special venue in style. 

Finally a favor box worthy of an exquisite gift.  

Preserve’s Delicate Handmade Round Favor Box coordinates with the wedding celebration Guest Book and Memory Card box to create an exquisite impression.  Perhaps you create one-of-a-kind chocolate truffles, or maybe miniature cookies or cakes, whatever you decide, this small round keepsake box is the perfect gift to show your sincere appreciation for their presence on your special day. 

The Preserve Brands Wedding Preservation Collection is rich in purpose and meaning.  We spend years planning for that very special day, yet how do we preserve the memories when its over?  We guarantee the Preserve Brands Wedding Memory Preservation Collection will take on a special place in your heart as you lovingly stack and store your treasured memories and will eventually become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

To have, to hold and to Preserve.

By Preserve Brands

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