Sustainability Reimagined

Preserve Brands started its journey by exploring something we use and throw away every day, “Paper”.  Like the Egyptians discovered Papyrus, Preserve Brands rediscovered ” Hand Paper Making” nearly two decades ago when the ancient industry and its masters of the trade were about to become extinct.  A centuries old, naturally eco-friendly manufacturing process led Preserve Brands to initiate a creative rebirth reinvigorating the  cottage industry by introducing handmade paper paper to the United States and Europe. Beautifully crafted paper, 100% tree free, dried naturally in the sun and made by artisans, this biodegradable, earth friendly, beautiful artisan handmade paper  and the industry has been grown and supported by Preserve to accomplish tremendous environmental results supporting conscientious retailers, corporations and consumers who believe that the artistry and sustainability of Preserve Brands products are second to none. Over the last two decades, Preserve Brands has grown to be the largest volume producer and distributor of this platform in the United States and has spared millions of trees from being felled.

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Born out of a desire to celebrate planet earth, art, ideation, and creation, Preserve’s mission started in 2001 to promote environmentally safe specialty paper products. We upcycle remnants from the apparel industry that would otherwise end up in landfills, turning them into objects of inspiration and impact. Every product we create balances elegance and sustainability, place and purpose—helping provide a healthier, more beautiful world.


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